My Vision

Although I am proud of my work on city council so far, there is still much work to be done. I hope to help Johns Creek grow in a way that is beneficial to its residents and businesses.

Protect Local

Businesses and Build Johns Creek’s Economy

Whether helping with coronavirus relief or considering day-to-day operations, I will prioritize the needs of local small- and medium-sized businesses that make up our community. It’s important to invest in the future of our local businesses and make decisions that will benefit the overall economy of Johns Creek. I will work to keep Johns Creek a preferred destination for new businesses.

Commitment to Public Safety

As evident by my decades of service in the police force, I am dedicated to the safety of the community of Johns Creek. We can achieve this through a strong police force, equipped with the right resources to serve the community as well as protect its residents. However, I also recognize that public safety also takes the form of equal treatment for everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, gender identity, or sexual preference. If elected, I will continue to lead Johns Creek down a path where all residents feel welcome and safe in our community.

Put Residents First

As a public servant, the needs of residents are the utmost importance. Those who choose to call Johns Creek their home deserve to have their voices heard and reflected in their local government. I will always listen to these voices, and seek to include them in decisions that will impact the future of the city.

Plan Housing for Smart Growth

Johns Creek has an opportunity to create affordable housing in a walkable, community space—especially as the city embarks on its journey to create a Town Center. Many of the workers in Johns Creek, including the healthcare professionals at our local branch of Emory hospital, cannot afford to live in Johns Creek.

During my participation in the Town Center Advisory Council, I learned that between 2019 and 2029, Johns Creek’s population can expect to grow 0.2% based on our current housing types and distribution. By contrast, the surrounding areas in North Fulton, Gwinnett and Forsyth are expected to grow 14%. If Johns Creek does not consider a way to grow with the area—and add new taxpayers to our population base—the city will stagnate.

As mayor, I would work to change this, and advocate for an emphasis on more affordable housing as well as a variety of housing types, including multi-family housing, townhomes, condominiums and apartments.

Support Free and Fair Elections

As mayor, I will continue the city’s existing efforts to inform voters of elections through email, social media and mail. This includes information about early voting locations, dates and times as well as Election Day polling places and polling place changes.

I will work to make sure our city’s buildings are accessible to all and meet the county and state requirements to be considered as polling places.

I will also work with the city to encourage voter registration among new and existing residents, make voting accessible to all residents, and make sure residents are aware of different ways they can vote (absentee, early or in-person on Election Day). I am also open to working with non-partisan organizations to help voters navigate the registration and election process via programs like voting question hotlines or shuttles to the polls.

Protect Our Environment

Greenspace is important to the residents of Johns Creek, and I will work to preserve our existing green areas, trees and public parks. I will also continue to make sure that these public green spaces are accessible to all residents. While working as city council liaison for the Johns Creek Town Center project, I advocated for the inclusion of community green spaces, various walking trails that would tie into the rest of the city’s current walking and biking trails, and using the existing waterfront behind city hall as a feature to be amplified, not removed. As mayor, I will continue to make sure these plans are implemented as the project moves forward. It is important for the community to have public spaces to meet that do not require retail transactions or access fees to enjoy.

During my time on city council, I supported the efforts to catch up on stormwater management after 15 years of neglected maintenance. Going forward, I will keep stormwater runoff and proper drainage as a priority to be addressed by the city so that residents don’t have to worry about the hazards of flooding and standing water throughout the community.