My Vision

Although I am proud of my work on city council so far, there is still much work to be done. I hope to help Johns Creek grow in a way that is beneficial to its residents and businesses.

Commitment to Public Safety

As evident by my decades of service in the police force, I am dedicated to the safety of the community of Johns Creek. We can achieve this through a strong police force, equipped with the right resources to serve the community as well as protect its residents. However, I also recognize that public safety also takes the form of equal treatment for everyone, regardless of skin color, religion, gender identity, or sexual preference. If elected, I will continue to lead Johns Creek down a path where all residents feel welcome and safe in our community.

Put Residents First

As a public servant, the needs of residents are the utmost importance. Those who choose to call Johns Creek their home deserve to have their voices heard and reflected in their local government. I will always listen to these voices, and seek to include them in decisions that will impact the future of the city.

Protect Local

Businesses and Build Johns Creek’s Economy

Whether helping with coronavirus relief or considering day-to-day operations, I will prioritize the needs of local small- and medium-sized businesses that make up our community. It’s important to invest in the future of our local businesses and make decisions that will benefit the overall economy of Johns Creek. I will work to keep Johns Creek a preferred destination for new businesses.