39 Years of Proven Leadership

I am excited to announce my candidacy for mayor of the city of Johns Creek. I also want to thank you for your trust and support in me during my time serving as a representative on the Johns Creek City Council. I am grateful and humbled to have the honor and privilege to serve as your public servant. In the year 2020, our city experienced two major crises that collided and caused cities across the country to grapple with new challenges. Both crises, the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter (BLM)/ social injustice protests, had a profound impact on our city, and I worked hard with other councilmembers to guide Johns Creek through these challenges and emerge stronger.

Even though we are still dealing with some challenges resulting from the 2020 pandemic, in 2021, we continued to work through these unprecedented times together. As mayor, I will work to ensure that the city is a safe place for all families while addressing quality of life concerns and promoting economic development. I will continue to be dedicated and passionate if elected as mayor.

Meet Brian

Major Brian Weaver (Retired) served as a police officer for 37 years. He was part of the inaugural squad and senior command staff for the Johns Creek Police Department, led the creation of the department’s investigative unit, and rose through the ranks to second-in-command with the title of Major, a title he held until his retirement in April 2019.

Brian Weaver graduated from the University of Georgia in 1980. He has a masters of public administration from Columbus State University and is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He and his wife, Patricia live in Johns Creek. Brian has two sons, Brian, Jr. and Antoine, and three granddaughters.

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My Issues

Support Local Businesses

Electing Brian Weaver as mayor will ensure local businesses have a say in the direction of our city’s future.

Ensure A Strong Police

Department For Johns Creek

No one is better equipped to protect Johns Creek families than Brian Weaver. Elect Brian as mayor to keep Johns Creek safe.

Put Our

Neighborhoods First

As mayor, Brian will ensure tax payers and homeowners are put first.



To Contact Brian: Brianweaverforjc@gmail.com

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